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 Below are listed all of  our Healthy Chocolate products, ORAC scores, and their retail and wholesale values.  If you are interested in buying retail please visit my online store at: http://yourlifeonchocolate.com/  If you would like to learn how to purchase Healthy Chocolate at wholesale value you may also go to my online store or contact me directly at 719.349.1043 or muellerscocoa@gmail.com.  Thanks for visiting!


Xoçai X Protein Meal

High antioxidant meal replacement for weight loss, weight management and athletic performance.  ORAC Score per serving: 56,500.  28 servings per container.  X Protein Meal Price:  Retail $170.00/Wholesale $130.00



Xe Energy Drink

Put a can in your hand!  Berry blend with a Cacao infusion. 8.4 fluid ounces/250 ml. ORAC Score per serving: 41,008. 24 cans per pack. Xe Energy Drink Price: Retail $91.50/Wholesale $67.50



Xoçai Nuggets 

The Xoçai Nuggets are the Ultimate Antioxidant Treat!  3,120 ORAC per Nugget!  That’s an ORAC score of 9,360 per serving. 100 Nuggets per Box. Nuggets Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00 



Xoçai X Power Squares

The Xoçai X Power Squares are the most powerful, health-promoting, decadent chocolate ever produced! 3,582 ORAC per Square!  That’s an ORAC score of 10,746 per serving.  140 Squares per Case.  X Power Squares Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00 


Xoçai XoBiotic

These dark chocolate wonders have the science and the power of Probiotics! 5,100 ORAC per Square! Daily Serving ORAC score of 15,300! 750mg of Flavonoids. 84 Squares per Case. XoBiotic Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00


Xoçai Omega Squares

These dark chocolate wonders have the essence of orange, and the power of Omega 3!  3,773 ORAC per Square!  Daily Serving ORAC score of 11,319!  Omega-3 infusion!  84 Squares per Case.  Omega Squares Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00  


Xoçai Activ

Xoçai Activ is the the Ultimate Antioxidant Beverage For The Active Lifestyle! 4,275 ORAC per 1fl. oz.!  25 Servings per Container.  4 bottles per case.  Activ Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00



Xoçai X Powerhouse Cookies

The Xoçai X Powerhouse Cookies are the most powerful, health-promoting, cookie ever produced! 11,115 ORAC per Cookie!  40 Cookies per Case.  X Powerhouse Cookies Price:  Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00


Xoçai Protein Bars

The Ultimate Antioxidant Protein Bar. 4,066 ORAC per bar! 10g of Protein per bar!  4 Cases of 10 bars! Protein Bars Price: Retail $155.00/Wholesale $115.00 


Xoçai Sipping Xocolate

Inspired by centuries of European tradition and infused with high-antioxidant and flavonoid-rich chocolate, the Xoçai Sipping Xocolate is the ultimate chocolate experience. Xoçai Sipping Xocolate will be to the chocolate lover what espresso is to the coffee connoisseur.  Orac score of 9,268 per serving.  About 10 servings per container.  Sipping Xocolate Price:  Retail $150.00/Wholesale $110.00


Best Sellers Variety Pack

Healthy Chocolate Variety Pack includes: 25 Xoçai Nuggets; 21 Omega Squares; 21 XoBiotic Squares; 33 X Power Squares.  Best Sellers Variety Pack Price: Retail $160.00/Wholesale: $120.00


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