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Wellness by Xocolate

So you’ve seen the products and you know about the great benefits chocolate can have on your health, but you’re still a little apprehensive about taking the plunge and actually try the chocolate.  Whether it’s a bad economy, unbelief or pure indecision there is a way for you to earn some of this delicious and nutritious cocoa!  The reason why I’m sharing the healthy chocolate with you is simple: I have seen it work.  You can scroll down and read my testimony about how the chocolate vastly improved my health.  I have seen it change so many lives, and I want to share that with others!  Why spend thousands of dollars on medical bills, medications, weight loss treatments, dental appointments, diets, etc. when you could be better spending that money in prevention, by eating healthy and renewing your lifestyle with chocolate.

I know it sounds crazy, but it can and IS happening!  And it has solid science to back up the results.  So, since I truly am interested in helping people change their lives with chocolate, I have decided to start a Wellness by Xocolate group here in Fort Wayne.  I realize there are many people who would like to take this step, but for whatever reason just can’t.  So, if you’re one of those people who wants to taste the life change, now’s your chance! 

This will be a wellness/weight loss support group where you can learn more about eating and living healthy, get support from others doing the same, participate in weekly accountability calls, join a fitness team, exercise together, plan for success, encourage one another and, the best part of all, have a chance to earn healthy chocolate each week! 

If you are interested in such a group, please let me know.  I would love to set this up if there is an interest in our community.  The cost would be minimal.  I do not want cost to be a factor in whether or not people are able to participate.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, or simply would like to let me know you’re interested in a Wellness by Xocolate group, simply leave a comment or email me at muellerscocoa@gmail.com.  Otherwise you can reach me at: 719.349.1043.  This is a great opportunity to change your life, and get to know others who are doing the same!  I am very excited about this, and I hope you are too!




X Protein Meal Shake

Introducing the X Protein Meal Shake!  Our newest weight loss product!  The world’s first cacao-based, high-antioxidant, high-flavonoid, high-protein meal replacement! 




The X Protein Meal Shake, which boasts an amazing Total ORAC score of over 50,000 per serving, can significantly boost your antioxidant (ORAC) intake—and lose weight at the same time!

Eating a 50,000 plus Total ORAC diet every day is easy. You can do it by following the suggestions for high-antioxidant foods, and especially by incorporating the X Protein Meal Shake into your daily diet. It’s super high in antioxidants, and is proven to help lose pounds, boost energy and make you feel great.  This product is also suitable for vegetarians!

With Xoçai, you will be eating at least 50,000 ORAC or more every day for the next 30 days (and you will want to continue longer). Remember, the ORAC measures how well components of food mop up the free radicals in the bloodstream. Eating 50,000 or more will significantly boost the antioxidant potency of your blood. This is one of those rare areas of nutrition where more truly is better.

Recent studies on cacao have concluded that best results were obtained by consuming a daily minimum of 600 to 900mg of Total Flavonoids, plant- based antioxidants that help the body’s cells resist damage by free radicals. The X-Protein Meal has an astounding 1,128mg of Total Flavonoids per meal.