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My Chocolate Testimony: Part II

In my last post I talked about how Xocai’s healthy chocolate helped me to lose that tough ten pounds, which had been evading me for months!  This time I would like to go a little more in-depth on all the benefits I personally have seen (thus far) in my life because of the healthy chocolate. 

Better Sleep: This one is truly a wonder.  All my life I have had trouble falling asleep.  As a child I thought that taking half an hour or longer to fall asleep was normal, and that’s how everyone was.  When I went to college, my sleeping troubles only worsened.  College life habits really are not the most conducive to getting a good night’s rest!  I developed insomnia my freshman year, some nights laying in bed all night without ever falling asleep.  Most nights, though, I was averaging maybe four or five hours when my body works best with eight or nine hours of sleep.  It normally took me an hour of restlessness in bed before I finally was able to doze off. 

By the beginning of my Junior year, I was still having significant trouble sleeping at night.  But when my mom introduced me to the chocolate, after eating three pieces in a day, I slept like a baby!  Even though I was in a completely new place and had a lot of stress and life changes on my mind, I fell asleep in less than fifteen minutes every night that week!

Improved Mood: Oh the mood swings of a nineteen year old college student… ask anyone… I was horrible for this.  I suffered from terrible mood swings that were most likely hormone related.  And not just once a month either!  All… the… time… unless I ate my chocolate!  When I faithfully ate healthy chocolate throughout the day, my moods mellowed out drastically.  I was cordial and amiable most of the day.  My outlook on life became optimistic, because I felt more positive about my situations.

No More Cravings: For those who know me, this may be a little hard to believe.  I have an insatiable sweet tooth, and my weakness?  Chocolate.  I crave chocolate and ice cream more than any other food… and I’m pretty sure I am not the only one!  This, however, is not true when I eat the healthy chocolate.  Just like any chocolate candy, the healthy chocolate has endorphins which send lovely feel-good messages to your brain, satisfying your food cravings.  The only difference?  This chocolate doesn’t make me feel guilty after I eat it!  Especially since I just saved two bucks on that milkshake I would have been dreaming of… 

Boosted Immune System: Remember how my Mom only sent me two weeks worth of chocolate?  Well, after that I kind of stopped eating it for a while.  My Mom was faithfully sending me boxes, but in between school, work and extracurricular activities I hardly had time to eat meals, let alone remember to go back to my dorm and take my chocolate.  Besides having an emotional breakdown from my self-imposed overload, I also contracted the dreaded kissing disease (honestly it was not from kissing!) mononucleosis… also known as mono.  I was miserable!  Not to mention sleeping all the time…

I had to stop working, as I worked in the health care industry with people whose immune systems were already compromised.  And, I was petrified that I would have to drop out of school for that semester in order to recover.  I knew I couldn’t stay in school much longer with the shape I was in.

What did my Mom say? “Are you eating your chocolate?  Eat your chocolate!”  Ok ok… I conceded and just sat in my room eating chocolate all day.  Besides, I was sick and miserable and that’s about the only thing I felt like eating anyway!  The average recovery time for adults diagnosed with mono is three months.  My recovery time?  Two weeks.  After eating the chocolate for a week I was completely symptom-free… no fever, no aches, no swollen glands, not even slight fatigue! 

Can you see why I love to share this life changing opportunity with people?  I eat chocolate all day long, and it significatly improves my health!  What a wonderful concept 🙂  I love it!  And I want everyone else to have the same opportunity for health and wellness through chocolate that I hae had.

What could your life look like on chocolate?



P.S. – If you would like to taste this amazing chocolate for yourself, and happen to be in the Fort Wayne area, come to my chocolate tasting this Thursday!  For more information you can email me at: muellerscocoa@gmail.com or take a look at my website for other contact information.